Magento is a complex platform for eCommerce. It is nearly impossible to efficiently understand and operate its CMS if you are not well-versed with coding.

However, let us face it that there is no other eCommerce platform that offers you Magento’s level of scalability and customizability.

Therefore, hiring a dedicated Magento 2 developer is entirely worth it.

A skilled developer of Magento will simplify your life. If you hire the correct person for the job, he/she can help you make the most out of the robust system of Magento.

However, it is not exactly easy to hire a certified Magento professional.

Before you hire somebody who will deal with the most important element of your business, your website, there are many things to be considered.

Don’t worry, we’re here!

Please follow this guide, and you will know exactly how to proceed.


Hire Magento developers step-by-step guide

The right Magento development company is a complicated process with several steps. These are even the prerequisites for a successful post. We created a detailed guide for this purpose below. Let’s examine the main steps and hire the best developer from Magento:

(A). Analyze initial e-commerce development requirements:

  1. Decide the project type- Decide your website, whether you are selling online services, on the market, or online shop. You need to continue and look for developers with relevant experience depending on it.
  2. Market research- Identify your own USPs (single selling offer), such as your domain and your shop name, to attract potential customers.
  3. Set business goals- You must identify a wholesaler, drop-shipper, or manufacturer in order to produce products, depending upon your business type. Next, the price strategy and the amount of revenue distribution for expenses and the total transactions have to be determined.
  4. Find shipping partners- For the delivery of the products, select the shipping companies. Thereby you must choose to meet local customers or bring them to the global market with your shop.
  5. Legal registration- Take care of all the legalities and the documentation before hiring a Magento developer.
  6. Plan Market strategy and execute- Consider the aspects of the market and continuous competition. You have million eCommerce stores to compete with. Thus, a comprehensive marketing strategy needs to be developed and implemented in time for improved business results.

(B). Step-by-Step Process to Hire Magento Developer

You can then proceed to the hiring process after identifying the initial requirements for the store. Below you can find out the step-by-step guide for you to find the right developer for you.

Let’s take a look at the steps:

Client Reviews

The best way to get a company’s general idea is to check a company’s experience. It shows the quality of work and how the company handles the project and delivers it according to the customer requirements plus niche. If you choose the company, the negative assessments should be seen as the first indicator that something could be wrong. In outsourcing platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, TheManifest, and more, there are numerous reviews available.


Portfolio & Expertise

Consider the expertise and portfolio of the company to find out whether they fit your project when hiring a developer. The following questions are better answered.

  • How many projects did they work on?
  • How long is the company’s experience?
  • How much do they have in Magento?
  • How many certified staff do they have?
  • Do they offer both design and development services?

Price Ratio

In any event, as described in the previous items, the price below the market should never be accepted. Search the plan and its features for an affordable price quote and complete it first with complete clarity.

Location & Communication

You should ensure that the communications process goes smoothly because you hire Magento eCommerce developers for a longer period. In addition to this, ask about the channels of communication, the project manager responsible for handling the entire project, and the convenience of contacting them.

Communication may be complicated by different time zones. Therefore, pay special attention to this factor when looking for a developer.

Creativity and Innovation:

Every candidate, regardless of his or her job profile, is interested in the ability to circumvent rules and come up with something new and innovative. Every candidate, regardless of his or her job profile, is interested in the ability to circumvent rules and come up with something new and innovative.

A Magento developer should be hungry to look into new ways. He should always seek the best practices that yield better results.

Finally, an eCommerce store is to be built for a developer, making it possible for people to return for more.

A creative professional should be able to construct a website that is a class apart from other eCommerce stores, especially a developer at the front end.


Responsibility and pressure handling

If tasks are not finished on time, companies cannot function effectively.

Sometimes employees don’t focus on quality to complete their work on time. The best candidate must be able to perform tasks within close timescales and find out how quality can not be compromised.

The only way to assess these abilities is to provide candidates with a development task during interview cycles and ask them to complete them in a specified time frame.


The project delivery time is another key factor you need to discuss. It is better to tell the company to update you and to send the project to you on the agreed timeframe.

Dedicated Team

The next thing to search for is the team that works on your project. As we know, the development process is a long and specialized process divided between different members. Each has its own role in conjunction with another in order to achieve one goal.

Generally, a web project needs the following services:

  • Web Development – Front-end and back-end development of the website with integration of APIs and setup of modules.
  • Web Design – Best practices for UX and UI to create an attractive shop.
  • Quality Assurance – Test the functions and performance of the site by the QA team.
  • Regular Security Checks- Due to its personal and sensitive customer information processing, it is integral to each eCommerce site.
  • Support- Once the site has been launched, upgrades are necessary regularly.

In general, the process of development includes development, testing, deployment, and starting up.


Why hire a Magento development company?

Magento is a platform for electronic commerce and requires coding skills. This is why companies hire companies from Magento, but many of them are inclined to develop freelance companies. Where there are fewer opportunities to achieve the desired results, it is quite difficult for them to handle all tasks alone.

Companies working with independent developers should take into account the following aspects that may create future problems:

  • Cannot follow the correct practise of development
  • The quality code isn’t always provided
  • Less reliable and sensitive information sharing is a risk
  • Cannot meet time limits

Working with a dedicated team of developers in the Magento development company ensures both positive and satisfactory results.

Listed below are the benefits:

  • The Magento 2 certified developers are well versed and implement them in this platform.
  • Experienced, professional and more certified developers employed.
  • Understands the customer’s needs
  • High performance code and site
  • Technology experts with specialisation experience
  • Testing QA team
  • Provides full-time support
  • Render timely results

They first collect the needs and devise strategies, set deadlines, and assign them to Magento experts before the company goes into the development process. You do not need to find a developer with the necessary skills as you hire them.

Avoid a few mistakes while hiring Magento developers.

It’s essential to select the right one while hiring a Magento developer. It ensures your ecommerce business’s success and future. Nevertheless, many cannot decide properly.

Let’s make sure your business is not endangered by working with the right Magento website developer.

  1. Ignoring the need to develop and support continuously – Only the developer’s job starts when the store runs and runs. The demands of operations and growth such as upgrading Magento, safety controls, improvements in performance, and more are still in line. Therefore, pay close attention to the services offered during the engagement of the developer. Without a development and support service, it will be possible in the future to create serious problems. To improve the functionality of your webshop, you must hire another company.
  2. Looking for the lowest price- Because of quality issues, the below-market prices should simply be seen as a RED FLAG. You may be charging less, but there is no guarantee that the results meet your level of satisfaction and also value the money. Better set a price ratio and place investment.
  3. Forgetting the technical expertise- Take care of technical expertise always. Working with companies with at least a couple of certified Magento developers is always good. Real knowledge evaluation and testing of Magento companies have been conducted by the certified developer. Thus, with the innovative approach, you can expect better results plus quality.
  4. Ignoring the credential verification – Many people often skip another key step when they select the developer,for example, credentials testing and expertise. Evaluating the portfolio of the developer is crucial, so you only can determine whether or not it can work on your project. Make sure that you also check the quality of your developed e-commerce websites.


Why should you trust AccuWebtech

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Ok, what else?

Our expert team of Magento 2 developers is well informed to develop all types of Magento products and services, from the installation of plugin systems to the development of different Magento 2 extensions and themes, Magento 2 migration, web optimization of Magento 2, integration of payment gateways and much more. Our certified team from Magento has many years of experience in developing Magento that helps us to understand what is important and what the online shop needs.

Whether you are looking for a custom extension development, the development of the Magento 2 Theme, or continuous improvements, our qualified developers of Magento ensure that customers worldwide enjoy fast and secure shopping experiences.

You can easily hire our certified Magento developer full-time to obtain Magento’s most comprehensive and flexible development services if you want to employ Magento developers for your website. The PSD to Magento transformation, customization of Magento themes, extensions, integration of the Magento 2 payment gateway, and many more can help our expert Magento developers to fulfill any individual demands perfectly.

Bottom Line

The choice of the correct developer is a little complicated and critical. The future results of your e-commerce shop can be determined by one decision. The checklists below to hire Magento developers for the e-commerce project are as follows:

  • Take the Red Flag downstream prices and choose the right market price quote.
  • Take downstream prices of the Red Flag and select the correct market price quote.
  • Be careful about the portfolio and the Customer review on sites such as Clutch, GoodFirms, and more.
  • Contact and share your feedback with the Project Manager.