Top 20 Web Development Trends of 2021

Today, we’ll reveal Top 20 Web Development Trends of 2021, and you know what, our 11-member team completed a 3-month research on this! There are several reasons (one reason out of these is very big), due to which 2020 has… Continue Reading →

Joomla Vs Drupal: The Ruthless Battle of the best CMS in 2021

Joomla Vs Drupal is truly going to be a ruthless battle, as both are big names, trusted by millions! Joomla is a user-friendly, free content management system (CMS) solution helping web developers create and manage their websites. It’s a flexible… Continue Reading →

Why to choose Magento over WordPress in 2021?

Talking about the most dependable website building platforms out there, WordPress is still the “unconquered king Alexander” of the market, and no one is even close. However, in such a fast-developing market, uncertainties always keep on knowing the doors, and… Continue Reading →

Jaw-dropping facts about Magento in 2021

Online shopping is pretty common nowadays, with the explosion of E-commerce Development platforms over the last few years. No matter you’ve got platforms such as Shopify, Volusion, 3Dcart, BigCommerce, Magento still holds the top position with over 250,000 users worldwide…. Continue Reading →

Best Open Source Software Trends 2021

Hey, we really need to pay close attention to open source development trends in 2021 because great changes in the trends are expected in the technical sphere this year. Use of the open-source platforms is increasing rapidly, and due to… Continue Reading →

Magento vs Shopify – The Ultimate choice in 2021

No matter if your business is small or targeting to grow fast or a humongous enterprise exploring new opportunities and options, selecting the perfect Commerce platform for your eCommerce store certainly isn’t a decision to be considered lightly. Magento, Shopify,… Continue Reading →

Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework to Use in 2021

There are plenty of programming framework options developers have for application development. There is a whole flood of such frameworks, which can bewilder anyone! Each of them embraces a set of advantages, and also, the comfort level is different in… Continue Reading →

Top 15 Upcoming Web Design Trends In 2018

“As time passes, different things become acceptable.” You might have heard this proverb a thousand times. While some call it a cliché, it is an absolute fact. On this same note, web design trends change with respect to time. It… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Web Development Trends of 2018

Remember the days of AOL and Netscape? Web technology has grown and changed at an astounding rate since the mid-nineties, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. It’s no surprise that mobile-friendliness and page load speed are in the front… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Payment Gateways for Ecommerce Store in 2018

There is no doubt that PayPal and credit cards are by far the most popular payment methods used today, but digital currencies like Bitcoin are increasing in market share every day. This is your complete guide on the new accepted… Continue Reading →

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