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Privacy Policy
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How AccuWebTech Collect and Use Information

AccuWebTech gives this Privacy Policy to advise you of our strategies and techniques concerning the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information and data we get and gather from clients of

The privacy of you - our clients - is of utmost importance to us - AccuWebTech. Therefore, we are committed to protecting your data and information.

Customer Information Policy

Customer Information is the personal information such as name, email address, website name, company name, phone number, and postal address we collect whenever you request for a quote or sign-up for a new project. We do not (and will not) disclose such information to a third-party person or organization without your full consent unless the law requires us to disclose this type of information.

Project Information Policy

Project Information is the information that we acquire when you set up a project with us. It includes the project name, website, framework or platform, scope of work, and quotation. All these information are kept with us exclusively. Unless we need to share or publicize them for one or more reasons - which we must ask for your permission, we will never disclose your Project Information.

Third-Party Policy

We may need to incorporate third-party products into the project, and we do make sure you know of the incorporation. The Privacy Policy of the provider of the third-party product is included in this Privacy Policy.

However, we do include the Privacy Policy of a third-party product incorporated into a project by the client on his/her own. Therefore, we highly recommend the client read and understand the Privacy Policy of the third-party product in the latter case.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies to collect information. A cookie is a piece of data stored on a user’s device and sent from a website. There are two types of cookie that we collect: persistent and session. The persistent cookie is used to understand how you interact with AccuWebTech by cumulatively storing your data whenever you assess the website, while session cookie is deleted immediately you finish accessing the website.

You can stop us from storing cookies by altering the options of your web browser. However, you may not have full access to certain parts of the website if you disable cookies.

SSL Policy

We utilize an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to secure and encrypt your data, especially when we process payments. The payment data are transferred between and its client securely and encrypted. Although the SSL provides utmost protection from eavesdropping, we stand to suggest that the Internet is not perfectly secure.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

AccuWebTech is as transparent as possible about the changes we make to our Privacy Policy. AccuWebTech reserve the right to make changes to its Privacy Policy without notice, at any time but effective in the future.

Contact AccuWebTech

If you have any question or enquiry about this documentation of our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].