In order to increase traffic to the site is a common goal for the majority of entrepreneurs and marketers. It’s a good reason! Today, in the age of digital, websites function as a platform for sales where customers, both current and potential customers, come to find out more about your products and services. They then use the same information to create customers and leads.

But, the internet is also subject to lots of competition, and with many factors that impact Google’s ranking factor, sending organic traffic to your website is an issue by itself.

We at AccuWebTech, don’t just build websites with the latest technologies but also ensure that our clients enjoy enough revenue. Revenue comes when traffic comes, and there are endless ways to bring traffic. 

However, only a handful of them work, and we’ve actually pulled these out for you after an extensive 4 months of research.

We’re fortunate to be able to offer the solution. 

There are endless ways to drive visitors to your website. In today’s article, we’ll explore 20+ tested ways to boost the traffic on your website.

Without further delay now, let’s get started on our list.

20+ Tested Strategies to Boost relevant web traffic 

1. Write Compelling Content

For websites, the content continues to be the most important thing. If you write engaging material, people who read it will come back to read more and share it with their buddies, which will give your brand greater visibility.

When you write content, be sure you follow the SEO strategy and use keywords strategically in order to boost their visibility. Your content must also be thoroughly researched and according to the intended use of the user. Also, you must ensure that you’re creating a unique piece of content and not re-creating work from someone else.

2. Understand SEO

You’re making yourself a huge mistake by not knowing and implementing an established SEO strategy for your site. Nowadays, SEO is everything, and the correct method will allow your site to be more prominent on search engine results.

Know the basics of SEO. Look for keywords that relate to your industry and use them in your SEO efforts. Include meta titles, descriptions, and tags on your entire web page. Include external and internal linking.

With a minimum of effort, you can boost your site’s ranking through search engines faster.

3. Start Guest Blogging

As the name suggests, Guest blogging refers to the act of writing content for a different website. In exchange, the website owner will permit you to hyperlink the article back to your site. Through a guest post, you will establish yourself as an authority figure in your field and build backlinks, which will boost lead generation.

The real issue is finding sites that will accept guest posts that are relevant to your field. Furthermore, the standards for guest postings are strict, and any spam that is used could result in penalties. Be aware of guidelines and be extra cautious when posting guest posts.

4. Post on LinkedIn

At one time, LinkedIn was primarily a job site where people could go to search for jobs that fit their needs. But over time, it’s become an effective publishing platform where you can be able to gain credibility by putting out the right content.

Simply put, you should regularly share information on LinkedIn. Try to create content that is valuable and high-quality. Make sure to link your content back to your blog or website in order to get the needed visibility and traffic.

5. Engage with the audience

Sharing content and creating is not enough anymore. You must let your viewers know that their voices are heard and also present your skills as an industry leader in terms of information.

Engage on the social networks you choose. Respond instantly to questions, feedback, and remarks left by people who visit your site about your business. This creates an excellent opportunity to showcase your business’s worth, and in the process, you could bring a person to your site.

6. Get Social

Social media is an integral facet of digital marketing and having a presence on social media is crucial in the current era.

Make use of the various social media channels to market your content. Be aware of the specific audiences each channel is targeting and create content that is curated according to. For instance, Twitter is ideal for quick and fun content, while Instagram remains an image-centric platform packed with images and videos. Find out where your people are, and then focus your efforts on the particular Social Media platform.

7. Invite Others to Guest Post

You can invite bloggers to add content to your site. This will not only drive more visitors to your site but will also help establish brand credibility and authority over competitors.

However, keep in mind that the stakes for quality are extremely high, so you must only feature top-quality blogs on your website. If not, you’ll be subject to a reprimand from Google for putting up sites that are not of high quality and have link spam.

8. Internal Linking

While you might be focusing on external links, internal links could give you the attention you require and boost the number of visitors to your site. When you are creating and publishing content for your site, Be aware of inter-linking opportunities. This can improve the user experience as well as improve the search engine optimization of your website and make it more trustworthy.

8. Answer Questions on

Quora is an answer and question platform that allows anyone to post questions or respond to questions already answered. You can also build your brand’s credibility by answering questions pertinent to your field within the Quora forum.

However, don’t make use of the platform to spread spam and add irrelevant links. Only reply to subjects you are familiar with and be as thorough as you can.

9. Utilize Email Marketing

Do you realize that you’re six times more likely to get an email click than from a tweet? Email marketing might be considered to be dead; however, it’s one of the most successful ways to get noticed and increase sales.

However, be cautious not to spam your customers who are loyal with uninteresting messages. Instead, make use of powerful images and compelling content to entice your audience.

Also, be aware of the frequency and timings of your emails. Although there’s no magic solution to this issue, however, you can determine the most effective frequency and timeframes for your newsletter according to your goals for the business. It is also possible to test A/B your emails to find out which results result in the highest open rates, highest click-through rates, and fewer unsubscribes.

10. Post on

The medium can be another medium that could provide you with another opportunity to drop links for you to link back to your primary site. is a site that users create that focuses on good content. Its appeal is the fact that it recommends content to users in accordance with their reading habits. Consequently, it is the perfect platform to showcase information that is searchable.

11. Focus on Mobile Responsiveness

With all people using mobile devices to access the internet and browse the internet, having a mobile-friendly site is an absolute requirement. If visitors have trouble accessing your website via their mobile devices, you’re basically instructing them to visit another site.

Simply put, ensure your site is accessible on any type of device, including phones with smaller screens.

12. Collaboration with other brands

For the vast majority of companies, it can be expected to identify brands that do not compete and have a similar target market. So why not join forces and cross-promote the brands each other to get more exposure.

Find brands that can provide solutions to the same market segment as yours. Work together and promote each other’s products through various channels to connect with a new client base without stealing the other’s customers. 

13. Post Content on

Reddit is another site that could help in driving visitors to your website. It’s a news aggregation site that millions of people on the planet use. Posting your content on Reddit can boost the flow of traffic.

Like every other website, you should ensure that you do not bombard Reddit with unrelated or spammy content. Instead, make sure to post high-quality content on the site to ensure that only high-quality traffic is directed to your website.

14. Add Visuals

Although content is paramount, it is not difficult to see the importance of video and images in your marketing plan. Studies have also proven that the viewer’s retention of videos and images is higher than content that uses text, and this suggests that a visual-based marketing strategy is vital in order to grab the attention of your visitors.

Customized shoots work most effectively for video and photos. It is also possible to obtain free stock images and footage from various websites on the internet.

15. Update ‘Expired’ Content

Take a look at Google Analytics for your web pages. Examine the ranking of pages you have previously published and find out which ones have fallen. Over time, some page’s rankings might have dropped and, as a result, needed an upgrade.

Check out the most popular pages and find out what they offer that you do not. Consider ways to improve the quality of your content to attract more traffic and improve your online visibility.

16. Create Webinars

People are always learning, and if you’ve got something to share, webinars are a great method to build an audience.

If you host an online webinar, you create an impression in the viewers’ minds as an intelligent business leader. They’ll come back to your site to find out more about your business and the people behind it. If your webinar is targeted at issues, it increases the probability of selling your product or services, and that results in a higher conversion rate.

17. Focus on the Site Speed

53% of users will leave a website when it isn’t loading within 3 seconds. This means that if a site takes longer to load, you will be a ‘goodbye’ to numerous potential customers.

To ensure that the bounce rate does not skyrocket for your site, you must optimize your images, plugins, and other technical aspects as much as possible. Make use of CDN (Content Delivery Networks) and caching tools if concerned about your website’s speed.

Remember, the quicker your website loads, the more people drop through your website.


The essential method to drive visitors to your site is to promote your site. Pay-per-click and social media advertisements are only two effective ways to attract traffic and should be a part of your plan.

But, the paid advertising methods are costly, so ensure you think about them carefully before taking the plunge.

19. Research Competition

You’re putting yourself at a consequential disadvantage if you’re not looking at your competition and assessing what they are doing to generate the traffic you’re not. Study your competitors and analyze the kind of content they’re posting on their websites.

Look at what the readers are taking in (and discussing) on their websites and attempt to emulate your advertising to draw the same interest.

20. Join Podcasts

Podcasts are another channel for marketing that is gaining popularity in the present. But, making an audio podcast can be a time-consuming task that requires you to put in a lot of time, money, and undoubtedly, an effort to start an online business.

You can also offer to be an interviewer in the forum that’s pertinent to your area of expertise and discuss your expertise.

How can you locate podcasting opportunities? You can Google, and you will find a list of podcasts that are relevant to your area. You can also follow your competitors and see the podcasts that they’ve made appearances in.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few suggestions to assist you in getting going. One of the most important reasons to create a site is to increase traffic to the site by generating traffic. We’re sure that we’ve helped you start on the right path with these suggestions. Best of luck. Tell us what exact methods work best for you, and if you feel that SEO is gonna work best for you, contact our specialist SEO team right now!