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AccuWebTech's Medical Billing and Coding Process

Being one of the leading medical billing and coding service providers, we believe in providing quality services to our clients quickly. That is possible by making use of a streamlined and systematic process. The key steps involved in the process are :

24/7 Medical Billing Service

When you choose AccuWebTech Medical Billing Services, you choose a team with decade-long experience in medical billing and revenue cycle management services. The process of medical billing is stated as the process of communication between the medical provider and the payer.

Unparalleled Medical Coding & Billing Services!

Medical Billing and Coding Services We Offer

We have the industry-best infrastructure and the required expertise to provide global clients with a gamut of medical billing and coding services.

Medical Billing Services
Medical Billing Services

Our billing department ensures that all bills are submitted with the correct information.

Medical Coding Services
Medical Coding Services

Accurate medical coding is critical for all healthcare providers.

Medical Claims Processing
Medical Claims Processing

We can perform both online claims processing as well as process paper claims.

Accounts Receivables Management
Accounts Receivables Management

We successfully manage various reports associated with insurance claim reimbursement.

Revenue Cycle Management
Revenue Cycle Management

We can help you submit claims in a timely fashion.

Specialized Medical Billing
Specialized Medical Billing

We provide medical billing services for a wide range of specialties.

Software We Leverage for Medical Billing and Coding Services

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Our Medical Billing & Coding Specialty

Apart from the above services, we have the required infrastructure and expertise to offer a comprehensive range of specialty medical billing and coding services which include

Insurance Eligibility Verification
Insurance Eligibility Verification

Here, we ensure that the payer and benefits information submitted by the patient is correct, thereby drastically reducing the instances of claims denial and rejection.

Patient Demographic Entry
Patient Demographic Entry

It involves creating and maintaining patient files with all the patient information, such as contact details, insurance provider's information, etc. If any information is not provided, our professionals will follow the client to get it.

CPT and ICD-10 Coding
CPT and ICD-10 Coding

Appropriate coding of the medical condition diagnosed is important for claims processing, followed by the release of payments from the insurance providers. Our medical coders provide accurate coding to ensure that none of the claims get rejected due to improper coding.

Medical Billing Charge Entry
Medical Billing Charge Entry

We follow a structured charge entry process and check all the cost-related data for accuracy and legitimacy to prevent denial of the claims submitted.

Submission of Claims
Submission of Claims

Once you outsource your medical billing work to us at AccuWebTech, we will ensure that all the claims are submitted on time without any errors. It avoids any delays in receiving payments from the insurance provider and keeps your cash flow intact.

Accounts Receivables Follow-up
Accounts Receivables Follow-up

We successfully manage various reports associated with insurance claim reimbursement, including collection analysis, analysis of the insurance contracts, etc., to ensure prompt and timely reimbursements.

Why Choose AccuWebTech as Your Medical Billing & Coding Partner?

AccuWebTech Solutions has over 17 years of experience providing medical billing and medical coding services. Our global clients range from individual physicians to hospitals to medical billing companies.

Affordable Pricing

Billing and coding requirements vary from one client to another and depend on various factors.

Advanced Medical Billing Software

Committed to providing excellent services to all our clients, we leverage the latest and the best medical billing software.

100% HIPAA Compliant Processes

HIPAA was framed to protect the privacy of the patients and various other members who are a part of healthcare plans.

Medical Data Security

Medical data should be handled carefully without any scope for a data breach.

Shorter Turnaround Time

Quick processing and reimbursements are essential for maintaining the revenue cycle of the healthcare provider.

Reduced Staffing Issues

Outsourcing frees organizations from managing staffing issues.

Specialty Billing

Over a decade of medical billing experience allows us to offer niche billing services to our clients.

Reduced Operating Costs

Once you partner with us for billing and coding of medical claims.

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Frequently Asked Questions

96% of all claims are submitted to the payers within 24 hours of receipt, weekends and holidays are excluded. The remaining 4% are chances of claims that need additional information from the clinic or patient before being accurately submitted.

Our goal is to submit as many of your claims electronically as possible. Many of our clients have 95% or more of their claims sent out electronically. Also if required we sign you up with as many payers as possible to receive your payments via EFT with Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).

AccuWebTech only offers cost-effective services. We save a lot of investment budget expenses from our clients. In addition to saving almost 50 to 60% in cost reductions, we help you generate higher revenue through our more sophisticated workflow processes.

An NDA will be duly signed by us with the customer. Likewise, a non-disclosure bond will be properly signed with our staff. It does not allow for any of our employees to connect third-party tools or software with systeam. We have 24/7 surveillance on every employee’s daily works and activities to make sure we keep your data 100% safe.

Every client of ours is assigned a billing manager to handle their account. There are no complicated phone trees to deal with! Just make a call @ (201) 676-2131 to know more about our services. At Accuwebtech we provide 24/7 live chat support and calling support.

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