The Microsoft product, has been widely used for web application development. The .NET Framework, a powerful programming model with it’s broad API set, boosts the programming power of programmers to develop large scale business solutions. The controllers (handling requests and mapping to business logic), the models, and the views are separated, allowing for more efficiency. Microsoft has also opened their doors for cross-platform development, introducing the Core 1.0 framework.

AWT programmers have in-depth knowledge of, c#, MVC frameworks and core frameworks. We have used .net technology for many applications, and observed their success as robust, secure, and optimized systems.

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AWT Development Services

Custom Web Application Development for every industry
Custom Web API development, putting protocol first
Custom Web service development, matching our service to your needs
Option to add new features to websites
Effortless Modification existing Website
Elevating Web API
and Web Service
Simple Web Application upgrade from Web Forms to MVC core Application
development Portal


  • Provide across the board MVC Applications
  • Cross Platform core Development
  • Excellent Use Of Model View Controller Architecture
  • Simultaneous Quality Control at Every Stage of Development
  • Neatly Documented Code
  • Maximum Security and Session Handling
  • Extensible Coding For Future Modifications
  • Revamped Code and Database for the quickest load

Our Portfolio

To be honest, we value functionalities and overall user experience as we value web design and development. This is because we care about user-friendliness than other web service providers.

But, our strength is not deep-rooted in those attributes. Our strength comes from satisfying you - the client - at all cost. We listen to you as we view you as our friend. We understand your requirements, visualize your goal, and deliver a solution accordingly.

You are rest assured to have a feature-rich website or web app that is appealing to your users functionally and visually.

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