Laravel development is miles deeper than one thinks, and hiring a skilled and dedicated Laravel developer is actually close to that.

Nope, you don’t need to understand the intricate parts of this computer language to hire the right folk; all that’s needed from you is 7 minutes of reading time!

PHP Web Development is the most popular and widely-used programming language for creating static, dynamic, and web-based applications. PHP is used to build a humongous range of small and large websites, and it’s bigger than imagination!

Before we sink into specifics, let’s understand what Laravel is and why Laravel is the best PHP framework to use. It’s derived from PHP and was developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011, and this framework was created by keeping security in mind.

Laravel abstracts complex functionality by providing easy-to-implement functions and methods that do the work for you.

MVC (model-view-controller) implementations are available, which segregate code logic from HTML. It is a very reliable framework that was created by keeping security in mind.

The web applications built on top of Laravel are genuinely responsive.

But what about hiring?

As it’s such a superb language (and a complex one, though), the requirement of a Laravel developer is always a buzz in the market. That’s the reason hiring a skilled and proficient Laravel developer is a great challenge.

But that doesn’t mean you should hire anybody straightaway!

You should hire a skilled and proficient Laravel developer. But what about the process? How to measure those “special skills,” and how to determine a perfect hire?

In this article, AccuWebTech (in action since 2002!) will clear all your confusion regarding how to hire Laravel developers with peace and perfection.

Laravel Development Services

Here is the list of services for Laravel web development that you want to understand, on the basis of which you can cherish the qualities of whoever comes to you as a choice for hiring:

Web Development

Laravel Web Development is the crown of the web industry, and it also allows many areas across the globe to build highly responsive, scalable, secure, and robust websites for the business.

This elegant PHP framework has made its impression on the agile industry, assisting businesses in achieving their goals and objectives. In 2021, Laravel is the most popular choice among developers because it offers unmatched advantages to businesses.

Customization & Integration

Customization & Integration

Customization plays a vital role in today’s IT field, and so do the integrations. You may find several PHP frameworks which do well but prove to be weak when it comes to customizations and integrations.

Laravel provides better-customized extension services to match your business demands, ensuring that you have access to various easy-to-use solutions all the time. In addition, you can integrate the design which is well suited with your current application for your brand’s identity to attract a targeted audience and gain more conversions. You can either modify existing functionalities or completely replace them with Laravel.

That is the reason why Laravel is so flexible and good for all.

E-Commerce Development

Ok, Laravel is a decent framework, but how did it manage to touch heights of success in this much less time? E-Commerce is one of the central reasons for Laravel development.

Laravel eCommerce development services help by delivering comprehensive and highly scalable websites/applications. It uses excellent UI and quick navigation features, which makes the business reach more customers and enhance your growth online.

Hire Laravel Developer

Data Migration, Maintenance & Support

Data migration has proved to be a big challenge for ages, but the current scenario is different. Switching from one Laravel platform to another is not at all difficult. Laravel includes built-in maintenance and support for the most part. But one big reason to hire a dedicated Laravel developer is while using this framework needs app/website some regular maintenance to keep on functioning smoothly.

What Skills should you Consider while Hiring Laravel Developers

While searching for what are the big considerations while hiring a Laravel developer, you may come across a lot of them, but a few of those are not relevant, though. We have been hiring Laravel developers since the introduction of the Laravel framework, and we can explain to you what exactly to seek in a Laravel developer before hiring. 

Experience should be at the top!

Skills are at their place, but successful Laravel development needs experience. The more experienced the employee is, the greater the range of Laravel projects he/she can tackle. Most importantly, a developer’s skill set is extremely beneficial if he or she has managed a project from scratch. Having a certain level of experience in projects gives you the assurance that they can efficiently handle your project within time.

One can also request a live web portfolio to see their previous work experience. Looking at developers’ portfolios is an important step as it says a lot about their approach towards future projects. If you want to hire someone to cope with your requirements, you should deeply consider the experience of the employee and the types of projects he/she has accomplished.

Below is the checklist of experience that a Laravel developer should have:

  • Standard Laravel library functions
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) in PHP
  • Web development languages (CSS,  HTML, JavaScript)
  • Writing automated tests and test plans
  • Linux command line usage
  • Debugging and web testing tools, for example, XDebug
  • Regular expressions
  • Enterprise, commercial, and open-source projects
  • Experience in Database and Query Optimization. 
    • NoSQL databases like MongoDB and DynamoDB. 
    • SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Understanding of model-view-controller architecture and API services like SOAP and REST.
  • Familiarity in server tools such as Apache, Nginx, and PHP-FPM.

If the above-mentioned skills are present in the employee, you should incline towards hiring! However, it also depends upon your requirements. If your projects are simple, you actually don’t need one who ticks all those boxes, but if you’re uncertain of what level of a Laravel project comes your way, it’s better to tick all those boxes, though!

Coding Skills

Let us have a comprehensive summary of why CSS, HTML and Javascript are crucial for any web developer:

  • HTML

(Hypertext Markup Language) HTML is the heart of websites. With the help of HTML, one can differentiate elements.

  • CSS

(Cascading Style Sheets) HTML gives you the skills to structure your material; CSS binds it up by styling it.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript takes websites to the next level due to its flexibilities. The logic enables them to change the content and behave differently on websites. 

Coding forms a big part of Laravel, and if the developer doesn’t have an in-depth understanding of programming languages like PHP and other important front-end technologies like HTML, and CSS, then it’s not worth hiring that Laravel developer.

The person truly needs to be an expert in Java, as Java plays such a huge role in modern-day automation. Also, it’s supposed to be used too sensibly, as it directly affects the speed and other functions of the website.

So, before hiring a PHP developer, tick mark HTML, CSS, and JS.

Latest Updates

Laravel is an ever-evolving thing, and new version updates keep on coming. The Laravel developer which you desire to hire should have

The knowledge and awareness of the latest versions/updates of this framework. Not just the knowledge, the person needs to be perfect at adopting the same. 

Commitment & Communication Skills

Commitment & Communication Skills

Entrepreneurs and business owners must ensure that developers are capable of completing their assigned tasks on schedule.

The second thing is, Is the developer a team player? Laravel developers should be able to communicate with clients without much difficulty at all. Also, you should be closely attentive towards the level of commitment done by the developer. It shouldn’t be something far from the real-life possibilities.

It is important to have a developer who has good communication skills and needs to be a team player. No one likes developers who nag about engaging in meetings/scrums. Also, the person should not be overconfident about his/her skills. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the rest of the team (or even you as a boss) to work with him/her.

Database Management & Migration Skills

If you’ve hired a Laravel developer who has all the skills but can’t either handle databases systems or perform migrations? Are you truly happy spending extra money when such needs come?

Certainly, not!

Along with web technologies, the developer should be able to handle database systems. As a result, expertise dealing with SQL administration systems and Microsoft SQL Server and a strong knowledge of relational database queries are highly desirable.

You want convenience for end-users to distribute data around the organization quickly and effectively. So, you need to ensure that your hired Laravel developer should be able to systematize all of the data from a company’s website.

For a chain of reasons, many businesses opt to migrate their data to a different platform. It may seem straightforward, but it is not because doing it could result in your firm losing valuable data in case it’s performed incorrectly.

You truly don’t want to face such hassles for sure! Nobody wants it!

That’s why your clients need to know what developers are doing. Laravel comes with a migration system that permits developers to expand the web app database structure. Your hired person should be able to utilize such flexibility.

Soft Skills are important too

Soft skills are something to keep an eye out for in interviews. You want someone in your team which, besides being a dependable Laravel developer, should also possess the following qualities:

  • Positive attitude and mindset to work.
  • Knows how to Collaborate with their team members.
  • Good listener and self-reliant.
  • Accepts criticism/mistakes and is trying to be good.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills for delivering creative solutions.
  • Adaptive to new technologies.

There’s one more additional thing you can look for. If the communication level of your hired person is good, then you can take his/her help in interviewing further folks for the same department. However, this quality isn’t a must, but it certainly is advantageous.

Questions you should consider asking Laravel Developers

When looking to hire Laravel developer, consider asking any of the following interview questions:

  • Distinguish between static and dynamic websites.
  • What are your approaches for keeping up with the newest programming trends?
  • What is Laravel?
  • Define Composer.
  • What issues did you encounter when working on Laravel projects, and how did you overcome them?
  • Explain directories which are used in a common Laravel application.
  • What is Laravel Eloquent?
  • What does ORM stand for?
  • Why are migrations important?
  • What default packages exist in Laravel?
  • In Laravel, how do you enable the query log?
  • How do you connect to a MySQL database in PHP?
  • How can you debug code or catch errors?

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Rules to Keep in Mind While Hiring Laravel Developer

Hiring a PHP developer is a great challenge, and there’s much besides the big hiring-related considerations. There are a few rules to be implemented on the employer as well. So, consider the handful of rules mentioned below before kicking off the hiring process. 

A Big Yes to Talent

Say a big yes to the talent, but not just on the basis of talent, right? Ethics, discipline, communication, etc., also matter. Top talent is always searched for greater possibilities, so if you are working on the right path and employing the best people for the job, try to seize them quickly and aim to reap the majority out of them in as little time as possible. 

The reason is that many others are looking to hire Laravel developers as well. This means you may not hold them for a long time. In addition, you should look upon inviting fresh programmers to join your team.

Hire Developers Slowly

See, everybody walking into your office isn’t worth hiring. Don’t speed up the process, and we also advise you to go for mass hiring only when a lot of talent is available. Otherwise, it would cause “pure stress” to you. You may miss the right person just because of that extra stress of the interview streak. 

If you consider hiring experienced and highly qualified developers, they will provide recommendations just like them because they only might be working with the best. This is one of the important rules to keep in mind while thinking of hiring Laravel developers.

Hire Laravel Developer

Go for Team Players

A website or an application requires the joint efforts of an entire team, and these words prove to be the “ultimate truth” when it comes to tackling Laravel projects.

Hiring a single person won’t build a successful site; focus on hiring someone highly qualified, willing to work, and communicate with your team to get output for your project. Also, ask them to recommend his/her colleagues, whom they are equally qualified. Developers who already know each other and have worked together in the past highly help out. However, we’re not promoting bling mass-hiring.

Steps to Hire Laravel Developer: 

Follow the below steps to hire a Laravel developer for your project:

Identify the Scope of Your Project

Before you start hiring Laravel developers, you need to decide whether your project is: Short-term or Long-term. Then, identify and define the project’s scope, complexity, the time required, budget, etc. 

Place more value on skills and experience equally

Hiring a Laravel developer who can think outside the box and instill innovation into every project is good. Ensure their experience in various languages and ask for their past work portfolio. Know about a developer’s previous projects because it might match their talents to your project. 

Interact with the Developer

A direct conversation with a developer will assist you in obtaining a better understanding. You can communicate with developers either in person or virtually. Ask them appropriate questions to see if they have any practical experience.

Why Hire Laravel Developer from AccuWebTech?

AccuWebTech offers you exceptional Laravel Developers with all the qualities you would expect. Check out the below listed reasons why you should Hire Developers from AWT over investing time somewhere else:

Feature-rich Solutions

It is said that if a client appreciates your work, they will approach you again. AWT experts provide feature-rich solutions by converting your imagination into reality. We highly believe in retention, and there’s just one way to attain this – “perfection.”


We bag 18+ years of experience in web design and web development. As a result, we fully examine your client’s requirements before recommending the optimal solution. In addition, our team efficiently manages all aspects like design, development, testing, and maintenance included in the project.

Global Clients

We’ve honorably worked with clients from all corners of the world regardless of diversities. In a nutshell, we’ve worked with clients from different time zones and countries and ensured that we please all of them equally. 

Communication and Regular Updates

AccuWebTech strongly believes that ‘Communication is the key to success!’ Therefore, after completing each stage, we always notify our clients about the progress of the project and ask whether any changes are needed. That’s the reason misunderstandings have never take place between our clients and us.

Unbeatable Performance at low cost

We strongly believe in ROI. AWT developers don’t just believe in fulfilling the needs of the best but also focus on the client’s return. Projects developed by us should strictly aim at a targeted audience and bring desired results.   

Furthermore, we ensure that Laravel-based websites are feature-rich, dependable, and scalable in the future. Having the most up-to-date technical tools and highly skilled members ensures that you get the best results without harming your pocket.

Customer Support

As we mentioned, we believe in customer retention and aren’t among those who say bye-bye once the project is complete and the money is received. AccuWebTech provides support even after completing the project. In addition, we give them continuous help in the event of any problems or errors. We are your true supporters!


To ensure that there are no mistakes, AWT’s team carries out testing at all the stages of the development cycle. This process includes several stages, and this process is unbeatable. We put your project in your lap only when it cent percent perfect and free from any glitches, malfunctions, etc.


So let us know your requirements, and our expert Laravel developers will take care of the rest. You’ll save a lot of effort + time + money if you take this route! Reach out to us and see your idea evolve.

Other Options for hiring Laravel Developers

Undoubtedly, you’ll get the ultimate best services at AccuWebtech, but if you still want to cherish other options before heading towards us, then we’ll assist you with that as well.

Several criteria will eventually determine Laravel developers. Consider the duration of the product, the experience of the developers, the cost, and how much time you’re willing to invest in the hiring process. Let’s look at primary hiring options for Laravel developers:

Online Freelance Portals

Business worth billions are done every day on freelancing platforms, and it’s not like that these aren’t trusted. It’s all about finding the right person over there to get your job done.

It’s all about letting folks the freedom to work. Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, People Per hour, Toptal, Hired, any of these websites may have a developer who is a good fit for you.

You may get your work done at lesser costs, there are dozens of risks in working with freelancers, and that’s the reason most of the experts advise to go with dependable companies rather than freelancers.

Social Media

Several developers are pretty active on social media. As a result, you can search for your ideal Laravel Developer on popular social networking networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This would be pretty much close to hiring someone from freelancing sites. Here, you actually save the fee you pay to freelance sites and get more personal to the person you wanna hire.

Ideally, look over their profile, portfolio, and previous client or testimonials. If you have a LinkedIn premium, you can slide in their InMail without contacting them first.

Forum Sites

Several developers love visiting forum sites to fix issues, while others come to learn about the latest technology developments. Unfortunately, most developers do not use forums to look for work though it is a good platform to meet and communicate with other programmers. You can certainly get skilled folk there, but remember, most talented ones don’t even have time for forums. So, if your projects are complex, better don’t go for foams to find the right!

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