If you are an active internet user, you probably look for the best advice for the technical stuff.

In this post, we are building the best list of the top blogs which you should subscribe and get the amazing reading stuff from the best in particular technical niche.

1) Johnny Baskin

Johnny Baskin

Johnny’s blog is all about digital marketing with a focus on Search Engine Optimization. As a Toronto SEO Expert Johnny has experience working in incredibly competitive local SEO markets. If you are looking to learn more about how to market your local business online as well as keep up with digital marketing trends this is a good blog to follow.

2) Benchmark Email

It’s one of the popular email marketing blog and they regularly post the best practical email marketing practices which can help you to make your email marketing campaign successfull. Customer engagement practical easy to follow guides will help you to gain an insight of your target audience.

3) Email Monks

It is email marketing blog where their experts share the latest email marketing best practices, tips, insights, updates, trends, ideas, examples and news. It is amazing
read if you handle email marketing of your company or a personal brand.

4) ReadWrite

ReadWrite is the leading media platform dedicated to IoT and Connected World.The blog is featured by Forbes in top 100 websites for entrepreneurs.The ReadWrite has huge reader base on various categories of social networks and YouTube to the future of machine learning, aggregate data analysis, and other meta-trends.

5) Accuwebhosting

Accuwebhosting regularly post about the web hosting trends, how to guides and web hosting supportive service related articles.Most of the guides are fully practical which you can follow step by step.

6) LifeHacker

Lifehacker is a tip, hack, how-to or story ideas.It is not focused on any niche but good fit to any staff that is amazing and unique.

7) TechRadar

It’s a technology news and reviews site.TechRadar will tell you about the coolest new stuff.The blog posts are thoroughly unbiased reviews and trending technology content.

8) Backlinko

Backlinko is the place for advanced SEO training and link building techniques.It covers in-depth articles served with valuable content.The SEO practices are practical strategies that entrepreneurs can use to grow their business.

9) Linux Screw

This blog post is dedicated to Linux blog that focuses on useful information for Linux, Unix, Cisco system engineers/administrators, newbies.Most of the write-ups are how-to guides, tips- tricks etc.

10) Ian Brodie

The blog post focus on specific areas of email marketing. Articles, videos and handbooks are published with the quality content.If your primary objective is to get
more clients then it is a perfect blog post to follow.